Online lectures

Here is the list of online lectures on the history and culture of Germany organised by Art.City.People. during corona virus pandemic (2020-2021)


Anna Leus

Berlin State Museums Officer

Lecture series "Open Museum":

  • "Babylon. Pergamon Museum Berlin"

  • "Gemäldegalerie. Renaissance Light"

  • "Old National Gallery. Impressionism"

  • "The world upside down. Peter Brueghel. Before and after."

  • "German Expressionism."

  • "Forbidden. Art of the Third Reich."

  • "Messages from the old masters: symbols in painting. Gemäldegalerie"

Lecture series "Archaeology":

  • "Carl Huhmann and Ancient Pergamum"

  • "Heinrich Schliemann and Ancient Troy"

  • "Max von Oppenheim and Ancient Tel-Khalaf"

Alexander Kliymuk

museum educator, historian, guide

Lecture series "National Socialism and the ´Jewish´ Question"

  • "Origins: from Medieval Judophobia to 1933"

  • "The first six years of anti-Jewish policy"

  • "World War II and the Holocaust"

  • "After the War. Punishment, reconstruction and remembrance"

Lecture "The Battle for Berlin: The Last Episodes of the War".

Julia Wishke.jpg

Julia Wischke

Berlin guide, PhD, historian and literary scholar

  • Lecture "Berlin and Russian literature"

  • Lecture "Berlin and Russian emigration. 1920s"

Anastasia Klevets

tour guide, specialist in the restoration of historic architecture

  • Lecture "Berlin Speaks. The Language of Architecture"

Anastasia Klevets.jpg
Yaroslav Berlinon.jpg

Yaroslav Berlinon

Berlin guide, quiz and quest presenter

  • "Berlin's ingenious inventions"

  • "Teutons, cleats, Mercedes"

  • "An amazing lecture for the whole family: Germany"