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In addition to its core activities, Art.City.People. and its founders are involved in various cultural and social projects.
This section presents the most important of them.

Online lectures on German and Berlin culture and history

The Corona virus pandemic has forced us into online mode. During the pandemic, together with guides, art historians and historians, we held more than 25 online lectures on German and Berlin culture and history.

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Educational programme about Berlin on the radio "Radio Golos Berlina 97,2 FM"

A joint project of "Radio Golos Berlina 97,2 FM" and Art.City.People.

It's a conversation about famous and lesser-known personalities, events and architectural monuments. It is a meeting with experts - art historians, guides, historians, architects.

It's a lively conversation about Berlin with people who love Berlin and have something to say about it.

The 22 broadcasts are now available on our Youtube channel.

Book edition "Tales of our city. Berlin."

The magical world of Berlin's childhood. It can be different. Carefree and impulsive, fun and creative, colourful and informal, mysterious and obscure, cultured and wild...

We decided to write and publish a book with tales for our kids.  

The authors of the book are Berliners from a wide variety of backgrounds. But what united us was the desire to write fairy tales and present them to our children.

It is a non-commercial project. 

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We are always open for the new social and cultural projects!

Projects: Проекты
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